Day 10: Beautiful Soul

Oh beautiful soulDon’t you see how much you are lovedDon’t you see there is more up aboveOh beautiful soulDon’t you know you are previously, carefully made.Don’t you know there is more than this maze.Oh beautiful soulDon’t you see the then good emotional gameDon’t you see that there is things you can help tameOh beautiful soulDon’t you know the world had a beautiful beginningDon’t you see in the end there will be mending.Oh beautiful soulDon’t you see that there is more than just youDon’t you see you can help spread the light and give someone else a clueOh beautiful soulDon’t you feel the light that is ment to shine with in youDon’t you see that you can help the harsh one in the blueOh beautiful soulDon’t you see that there is more to storyDon’t you see you just need to hold on to the gloryOh beautiful soul,Know you are beautiful and there is so much to live for in this world at war. Please know it to your very core.

Day 6: Easy Italian Cubed Steak

You get a recipe from me today, I hope you enjoy. This took me about 30 minutes to throw together.

You will need a package of 6 cubed steaks.

3 eggs in bowl.

“just beat it” like Micheal Jackson

Half a cup of panco bread crums with dash of Italian seasonings that you like basil,parsley, paprika are some I used

Tomatoe sauce that you like

And an Italian blend of shredded cheese

You will also need a griddle styled pan that is oven safe with some olive oil ready and sizzling on the stove and your oven set at 350°F.

Take and brush your steaks with the egg then dip them in your bread crums, put them on the griddle as you go.

Cook and flip until both sides of the steaks are browned and crispy

Throw in the oven and cook for 15 mintutes.

Check they are done

Add a table spoon of the sauce on top with cheese, throw it back in the oven until the cheese is melted

And there you go, a yummy Italian spin on cubed steak

If you try this recipe, let me know how you like it!

Day 3: It’s fall

We are going out to our camp today. We have no real service out there, it’s a way we unplug and reconnect with each other.

I only have a quick moment. So here goes day three.

Sun rays hitting the lake with a glimmering light.Breath in and feel the cool hair hit your lungs.

It’s fall.

My little girl is running around, her red hair catching the sun in a way that makes her glow like an angel.

Hot drinks and warm comfort foods hugging us with the love that went into making them.

It’s fall.

Orange vest on with a breeze curessing our skin, gun in hand ready to shoot a meal.

Leaves dancing, twirling, and changinfinot beautiful colors in their last days.

It’s fall.

Curling up with a blanket and a book that may lull us into a different world.

Smells of wood smoke and coffee, pumkin and apple, creating warming memories

It’s fall.

It’s fall and everyone better enjoy it.

Take it all in.

Sit in the quiet a feel all that’s around.

Become friends with God again.

Have a long deep conversation with your loved ones.

Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Find your peace of mind.

Read a heart felt letter, book, poem.

Do something kind for a stranger

Sit around a campfire, think of your blessings

Make these days count and make them worth something, before the excuse of winter and the bitter cold comes in.

There is my day 3. Just thoughts..of fall

Day 1 of the write Everyday challenge

I told my followers I would try to write everyday. Well I’m going to make it a challenge, because y’all seem to like me for some reason? 😉

You are going to be in for a mess of topics, n what not for me to write everyday.

I really hope I don’t bore you, and you join me on this. I’ll also be using my own raw unedited cheap phone photography for the headings.

For those of you who are new I should or you in on what to expect.

I don’t have internet just cellphone data, everything is written on my little adroid.

I normally write when I have a moment, I am a busy women. This means I don’t edit things well, and somtimes I go back and edit things late.

Paragraphs are usually in the order they come pooring out of me, so sometimes I may seem like a jumbled mess, but that just it, I am. I’m not hima or perfect. I am what I am, the jumbled mess.

I like to save money, if I find a way I usually share for other cheap asses who would care.

I also share a lot of fast recipes for the lazy cooks.

The Outdoor Redhead means.. I am a redhead who is out a lot, hunting, fishing,walking,taking pictures,road riding, working, etc.

My little keeps me busy so I will sometimes share things about the whole moming thing.

I’m crazy..if you don’t hsee a redhead in your life I thought id clue you in on that bit, so you will get a whole lot of feeling filled crazinese.

Poetry and thought, yeah I write that stuff.

So here goes day 1 of writing, let’s see how far we go in a year.

You can follow me on Instagram @theoutdoorredhead_shanna

And Facebook:The Outdoor Redhead FB page

Bless you Babies

Bless you babies and the love you bring.

Lift your weeping head and close your eyes, listen to the song birds sing to each other the song of life.

Lessons of love and kindness are all around. You have the right to wear the crown.

The crown of happiness is not far to find, just look up and praise the maker if the sun and sky.

Bless you babies and the love you bring.

Breath in the air and let it caress the miracle string in which you sing. Realize you are the reason for someone smiling.

Gather up all that is good and make for yourself a new pair of glasses. People are ugly, but what you may see in the world is what leaves many in awe.

Bless you babies and the love you bring

Go sit in the sunshine and feel the hug of the sun and the kiss of the breeze.

Mountains are hard to climb, but remember big things are meant to be conquered.

Feeling small is a strength of humility you own and others lack. Shine bright with that fact.

Bless you babies and the love you bring.

Open your eyes and watch the dandelion dance in the wind. Small is the seed that travels so far and plants it’s beauty in the yard of many. Some mistake it as weed. While others recognize the strength of the healer.

Bless you babies and love you bring.

I hope know how loved you are. I know right now things are hard. I want the pain you feel to be taken.

Stranger you may be, but my heart and arms are wide open with nothing that is meant to harm you.

I want you to know how perfect you are. Please don’t take life for granted. Bless you babies and the life you bring.