Love Each Other

Love each other and a stranger.

Love each other be slow to anger.

Love each other when the days are tough, when the roof is leaking.

Love each other with words you’re speaking.

Love each other like you’re afraid too.

Love each other even those few.

Love each other in the dusk and in the dawn.

Love each other without the arrow drawn.

Love each other, love every colour.

Love each other like a infants mother.

Love each other and their differences.

Love each other without defences.

Love each other with an passion that is rare to see.

For loving each other is the key.

Choose life, what does that mean? I’m already living.

Choose life, what does that mean? I’m already living.

It means..

When you wake up in the morning, get up even when you dont want too.

When you have a bad day, have a positive thought and try to smile again.

When you have the choice to do something kind for someone else, do it.

When you have the chance to sit at home, go see your family.

When you have you’re kids and husband in front of you, put down your phone ask them about their day. And actively listen.

When you have the moment, say thank you.

When you have a goal, work toward it.

When you have someone one hugging you, squeeze tight.

When you have beauty in front of you,soak it in.

When you choose life, choose what is good, choose what will make this world better, kinder, and full of light,love, and happiness.

Live your life good

Live your life happy

Live your life with value

Now it’s your turn. Fill in the blank

When you have __________ , __________.

It’s fall

We are going out to our camp today. We have no real service out there, it’s a way we unplug and reconnect with each other.

I only have a quick moment. So here goes my gibberish.

Sun rays hitting the lake with a glimmering light.Breath in and feel the cool hair hit your lungs.

It’s fall.

My little girl is running around, her red hair catching the sun in a way that makes her glow like an angel.

Hot drinks and warm comfort foods hugging us with the love that went into making them.

It’s fall.

Orange vest on with a breeze curessing our skin, gun in hand ready to shoot a meal.

Leaves dancing, twirling, and changinfinot beautiful colors in their last days.

It’s fall.

Curling up with a blanket and a book that may lull us into a different world.

Smells of wood smoke and coffee, pumkin and apple, creating warming memories

It’s fall.

It’s fall and everyone better enjoy it.

Take it all in.

Sit in the quiet a feel all that’s around.

Become friends with God again.

Have a long deep conversation with your loved ones.

Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Find your peace of mind.

Read a heart felt letter, book, poem.

Do something kind for a stranger

Sit around a campfire, think of your blessings

Make these days count and make them worth something, before the excuse of winter and the bitter cold comes in.

There it is. Just thoughts..of fall