Day 9: Photography through my eyes.

Through the eyes of a camera lense is life yet to be discovered by some. The realness that we all hope to find in relationships.That’s why I like raw photography. Nothing is fake about it.You may have noticed I take a lot of pictures of the outdoors.I love it.This is one of the first pictures I took outdoors.I had a camera I had just bought. I worked and saved for that little Kodak.I remember I was at a lake in Suches, Georgia. Seventeen and full of hope and aspirations. I was there with an old friend I had not seen in 6 years, we had gotten finished swimming out by the dock. He handed me this flower.When I took this photo after throwing the flower off into the lake, I was captivated by this gorgeous natural mirror. The mirror seem to make the flour look as if it was floating in the sky.That’s when I new I had a thing for photography, for taking pictures of Gods artwork.My nephew at 3 years old got ahold of that camera and smashed it, so I’ve been taking pictures with cellphones since.But, I have to say, without editing them, I’ve gotten some pretty damn good photos. And with each a discriptive story.Here are some of my favorite. You may have seen them before.Sunset and sunrise is something common. You will see. Everyone of them different and unique.It’s amazing and breath taking to me how God’s paintbrush sets those colors across the sky.Some moments I just set back and say ” thank you God for the beauty I get to enjoy almost everyday.”Even on a cloudy day in the fall, the woods look darker making the leaves colors pop in an awesome way that’s not replicable.One day I’ll get a camera and capture it all. But until then, I hope you enjoy my little phone camera pictures.