Fun In The Mudd, Mother’s Day Weekend

Saturday my husband and I went on a ride with some of out best friends.

We started out in South Republic, Michigan near the Pine Grove.

The day was just right. Perfect temperature’s, blue sky with few clouds.

The trail right between republic and trail 18 my husband got the rhino stuck.

a strap and 4 pulls later we got it unstuck.

Then off we went. Finally making it to our destination in Amasa.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Sunday we spent the day looking at flowers 💐 and at my in-laws house.🏠

The kids love those chickens 🐔

Monday came and went.

Tuesday my sister inlaw and I took the kids on a long walk and then to the park.

Wednesday was SO nice we did again.

The little ones passed out in the strollers. They’re just presious .

That Wednesday evening I went out to our local school to help with the middle school track meet 🏃

Oh man, did I burn despite putting on sunscreen 🌞

Thursday I went on a walk over around my sister inlaws place, after we let the kids play with the bubble machine. They had a ball.

Friday is a work day, I will be with the preschool and loving it. That evening my other sister in law should be up for the weekend. Then a weekend full of highschool graduation 🎓 will begin.

I hope you all had an amazing week.

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New Adventures W/ Moonshinecamo

I was added to the moonshine camo Field Staff last week.

Oh my, I did not expect all the attention that came with it. My Facebook is blown up with friends request and messages everyday.

The outdoor industry is one of those things close to my heart. I really love seeing how many people are out there, who share the same passions. One goal I have working with Moonshinecamo is firing up those passions with other women and children.

Moonshinecamo has really brought it when it comes to variety of camo you have to chose from. This camo has a new flare of enthusiasm, attitude, and freshness that I absolutely love.

Check out MoonshineCamo.

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