Anniversary Weekend Pictures.

Friday through Sunday my husband and I stayed out at our family camp. My sister in-law and her family stayed with us. It was a break we all needed.

The day started with a snow that had me mad – because I don’t have a bow to hunt with during bow season – but anxious to get my husband out in his stand.

But we needed food for the house and camp. So off we went.

One of the things I love about living where we do is, we have miles of nothing but the big woods between towns, it’s beautiful and less stressful than a the big towns and cities.

Friday night my husband and I road in with our daughter after shopping for all of our splurge foods.

I love taking the road in, it’s always breath taking during the four seasons.

Saturday we took a stroll out to my deer blind, check the camera. Hunting season has really become our Family activity.

I had to see how my mock scrape was doing too, I need to give it a little longer before I decide, if you would like to TRY this, comment below and I’ll hook you up. 😉

Shortly after I shot my first grouse!

Perfect head shot, my husband got two, and now together we have five.

Enough for a meal!

Our first wedding anniversary weekend was a success I would have to say.

Crock Pot Venison Stew Perfect For A Chilly Day

It’s a little chilli today, feels a bit like fall 🍁🍂

We all woke up with a cold too, so I thought some warm venison stew,

sounded perfect for our bellies tonight for supper.

You will need:

2 pounds venison cubed up like for stew obviously (use beef or bison if you don’t have venison)
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp pepper
1 medium onion, chopped chunky

1 TBS of dried garlic, minced garlic..
32oz of broth, one part beef the other vegtable
2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 cups carrots cut julian or frozen
4-6 golden potatoes,cut into chunks pieces

1 cup frozen corn
2 tablespoon Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 bay leaf
11/2 tsp of tumeric

Combine in the crock

1/4 cup flour or two TBS of corn starch
1/4 cup of cold water

or milk and set aside seprate

Set on high for 6 hours, the last 30 min add in the flour

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Thanks y’all 😘

Please also feel free to comment your special touches or recipes.


The last few days have been crazy, warm weather is here to stay I believe
My sister came to stay with us last Friday. She came over this way for her son’s tonsillectomy. It was so nice to have her around. Her, my little sister, and I had not been together in 10 years. It was nice to be around the two of them again.
The weekend came in with my sister at my side. My husband and I of course drug her down the back road riding and looking for a Turkey. We didn’t see anything, just the female that has been hanging around the highway for some time now.
It really sucks living in an area that doesn’t really have the best Turkey population….

Well Monday rolled around and I had to say my goodbyes to my sister. She left and had my interview with Tinkergarden , this company I found has a goal of getting children outside again, well that went excellent. I am not in the last phase of the interviewing process, I really hope it all works out.

Tuesday Casidy – my little girl- and I went over to my Mother – in-laws house. We started our visit woth finger paint and build bird houses with my niece. Neither one of them had much experience with finger paint, so it was a sight to see.


hile the paint was drying on the piece of bird house the girls decided they wanted Grammy to catch chickens to pet. They had a ball.

When we headed home I had to kick myself in the butt. We launched a cool new program called 2B Mindset. I had to get it out and let people know about it. I am SO excited about this program and it is really important to me to let all I encounter know about it. It is a weight loss program that includes NO exercise. This means I can help MORE people. So I went LIVE on facebook and explained.

Wednesday was a run to town day. I had to get a package out to Fedex, and I had to get wipes. The day kind of turned into a girls day with my little. She was spoiled. I got her dump truck, McDonald’s for lunch, and she had a wolf in her happy meal.

I also found myself a really cool clock that was on sale.

Thursday I chilled at home and focused on getting some laundry done. Later that evening I helped out at our local schools Track event. They had me judging the pole jumps, and though that wasn’t my event in track, it made me miss my teenage years badly. I am at the weird age where teens think I am old and other adults older than me still talk down to me or brush things off like I am a teen. I watched a teen go by walking all cool because they had keys, not I wish I could feel that again. I suppose we all go through this phase in our lives though.

It’s Friday now, and my weekend plans had to be cancelled so I have no idea what this weekend will bring, maybe a little hunting or a trip out to deer camp? gathering wood? We shall see…
Have a beautiful weekend y’all.


5 Miles Of Fresh Air

We woke up this morning with the sun shinning, the sky is blue, and the air clean. So we did what we always do on a gorgeous day. We took advantage of it.

Matt loaded up the truck with snowshoes, the backpack, gun, and vest. I gathered all of Casidy’s things and got her ready. Off we went out to the families camp.

Once we got there I helped casidy get dressed in her snow pants, sunglasses- boy did she think she was the coolest girl around with sunglasses on- and jacket. Matt and I then strapped our snowshoes on. And!… I bet you can guess it…

Yep, we started walking. Shotgun with one of us- you know, just in case we see a bunny rabbit of course – and casidy with the other.

We walked about 2.5 miles out to the cabin, then 2.5 miles back.

🎵Over the swamp and through the woods, to the camp we go.🎵

It goes without fail that I fall, I’m the clutz. It only happened three times though!

Taking turns trading gun and our daughter (who is to little for snowshoes.) We made it to the cabin.

There were plenty of tweety birds and pheasants that were out and about.

As for hunting, we saw quite a bit of rabbit tracks,but no rabbits.

After shoveling ice off the deck, a snack, and a diaper change. We headed back.

Now, we are home. Dinner is in the oven. Matt is moving the living room around and me,lol. I am trying to type this up and in the way. So, he is just picking me up and moving me along with the furniture.

Soon we will head out again for our weekly visit with our Aunt and Uncle at Matts parents place.

Thank God for the gorgeous walk . I love this land. I love my family. It was a perfectly spent day.

So, that’s this redheads families Saturday. How did you spend your St. Patrick’s day?

You can find more pictures from today on my Facebook Page.

Oh Man It’s Monday

🎶Monday, oh Monday…why do you have to be here?

So it is Monday y’all and it sure is showing itself off today.

I was so excited to take my daughter out yesterday evening. The brown grass that had been hiding all winter was showing itself. The sun was shining. And it was warm.

Not today buddy. I can see snow flurries outside and the grass is covered back up with a blanket of snow.

Anywho, I thought I might tell you what we did this weekend.

Saturday we went shopping. Its the end of the season and everyone has their spring sales going.

So, so figured I’d just go into town and see if I could find me some jeans. My husband wanted to tag along, so we loaded into our little Chevy colbot “work” car and went.

Before I go on I feel I should explain, we live 45 minutes + from town and that town is small. Also, I’m all for shopping local before looking online.

First stop was at Walmart. I looked, he looked… no jeans in my size. I settled for one pair of those jegging things i hate and we bought our daughter new shoes she needed and left.

Second stop was Tractor Supply. This is a store that is just no good for my husband and I to go into…

One conversation with a random stranger from Arkansas, a look at the baby chicks and ducklings, a peep at the gardening supplies, another look at the chicks and ducklings, a walk all over the store to find my husband looking a a gun safe, and two shirts later… still no jeans.

Third stop was at Shopko. Lord a mercy they had Jeans, but they looked like they had been used to play tug a war with a lion.. we bought a universal remote and left.

Walking out the door I looked at my husband and said ” Can we go to St. Vinnies?” He huffed and drove me over there.

I went into that thrift store and walked out with 3 pairs of jeans, not warn, not holy, and not stained. Good enough for me.

We went home cooked and cleaned

Then we ended our Saturday with the weekly visit at my in-laws house with our Aunt and Uncle.

Sunday Morning I woke up to my husband hammering.

So I got up, put on some workout clothes. Got our daughter up, made her breakfast and got her dressed.

I did an hour workout. Oh man did it feel good.

Then I cleaned a bit, had some coffee.

Later it was so warm all of us headed outside.

I just slipped a coat and gloves on Casidy – my daughter.

Matt, my husband, grabbed his new lights to install on the truck.

Oh that fresh air was nice.

Afterwards we decided to take a break from the house and ride on the back roads and get “lost”. You know its spring when the roads are just covered with deer.

We enjoyed out ride, but had to come home and eat. I made loaded nachos.

After dinner I helped my husband cut and put insulation in our basement..time flew by and it was bedtime for miss Casidy.

Matt and I ended our night with cuddling up with on the couch and watching”Gone in 60 seconds.”

So, there is our weekend. Pretty simple.

What did you do?

The Outdoors,Me,And God

I lived in the bible belt. Yep, I’m a little Georgia peach who married a Yooper who now lives in the U.P. of Michigan.

I have Southern Baptist, Baptist, Nazarenes, Apostolic Pentecostals, Lutheran, Catholic and even those who practice the Jewish faith in my family.

Everyone in my family hangs on to God. They are doing their best to live life the way they see is the right way.

So, as you can imagine, I often get asked what I believe. I have those lovingly telling me how I should live and raise my daughter.

I am so blessed to have such a loving family that they all are so concerned about my soul. Once upon a time I would have gotten offended.. I know out of love they just want to make sure I’m going to heaven. I’ve been through a gravely road when it comes to my ‘religious’ beliefs.

Now though, I take a deep breath. I try to be understanding. Now, I don’t really comment on the topic, because I believe 100% it’s between me and God.

But… I guess….I am going to share a thought on the topic with you.

Let’s start with saying I don’t go to church. I go out in the woods or down by the water. All of that noise of questioning disappears. There is silence. There is piece.

Just being is probably my favorite part of being outdoors. I don’t have to worry about being judge. I feel closer to God and that is where we have our deepest conversations.

I’ve been asked many times “Aren’t you afraid of the bears,wolves,cats?”. No, I’m not. I usually have a gun on me, my husband and I do hunt together a lot of the times, and most importantly I know God is there protecting me.

Sometimes, I look at the beauty that surrounds me and I am just speechless. I thank God, I compliment him even, and I think what a wonderful gift it is to be allowed to enjoy the great outdoors.


A Little Bird Hunting Story

Im sitting here looking out our front window cussing the snow that’s gently coming down.

I have spring fever. I want to get out to my blind and clean it up.  Deer season is on my mind.

I know, fall is still a ways off, which is why I’m also sitting her contemplating on taking up turkey hunting, or joining the Republic predators hunt – that could be over with.

Hunting is this my escape. And I’m needing my escape.

It’s my escape from worries, the world, and crying babies.

It’s my time to have my calm. My one on one with God.  Which leads me to a random story that totally contradicts the ”calm” I was telling you about.

I remember the time I went for a walk in the woods for the last time before becoming a mother.  It was bird season.

It was a comfortable day, the sun was shining just after a nice rain. I’d came in to the camp yard, just getting off work. I grabbed my gun and my vest from the cabin and took off into the woods.

I didn’t think a second thought about going out bird hunting that day.

As I was walking I came up on a bird, ready with my gun, I aimed and…. nothing. I forgot to put a shell in the damn thing. Frustrated at myself I put my shell in the chamber and closed it up.

Started walking again.. I heard something that sounded like I was being followed.

I stopped, listened.. silence. Nope must be hearing things, I thought.

So I kept on walking and all be darned if I didn’t hear something walking again.

So I stopped, listened. Again there was nothing but silence.

But hey! Look down the trail a bit there is a bird. So, I picked my gun up and ‘ bang!”

Something big takes off running through the woods, I miss the bird, and there it goes flying.

A little shaken I refilled my chamber, picked up pace and headed back to the cabin.

I don’t know what was following me. I sure am glad I didn’t have to find out.