Fashion Side Of Me

Y’all know I am all about that hunting life, but I’m still a women, a women who has a love for fashion. And I just have to say….

I LOVE these outfits from The Pink Buffalo Boutique !

I love how they just look like the most comfy and cozy outfits, yet are still perfect for a Thanksgiving gathering.😍😍😘

You can get these at:

Anyways, I guess you want to know why I am mentioning this. Besides the obvious advertising… (btw I really do love the clothes I share with you,wouldn’t lie to y’all )

Back in the days of old…haha.. just kidding

But when I was younger, before life happened, I had a real passion for fashion. Really, I still do.

I use to have friends and family come to me wanting me to put together and outfit for them.

I use to sit in my room for hours and sew up the ideas that would come to me.

I use to spend hours indulging in fashion.


I would like to share this with you guys if there is enough interest?

I’m leaving it to y’all though. Would you like to see inside the secret closet of The Outdoor Redhead?

Would you like me to help you with clothes you already have?

Would you like me to show you how I do this intensively?

The Great Outdoors,Chinese, and Renovations

Saturday was an okay day. Matt and I ventured to town for some supplies and to checkout the newly opened Gander Outdoors.

It is an okay store, I hope they bring in a broader selection. I really enjoy their fishing department. We will probably be heading back for supplies.

Saturday ended with our weekly visit at Matt’s parent’s house with his Aunt and Uncle.

Sunday morning we spent our time working on our basement. I’ll tell you what..painting is NOT my favorite thing to do.

After that, I got myself ready for some girl time with my sister in-law.

We went out for dinner at Pi King, a Chinese restaurant I had never been to. The food was fantastic! I may have ate a little more than I needed to.

Then we went to pick up a few things at our local Walmart and Dollar Tree.

There was a mother in Walmart with her four kids. One of the kids was screaming and crying, she, with an embarrassed look, said ” Sorry. Unhappy baby.”

We both just looked at her smiled and said we have both been in your shoes don’t worry about it.

I tell you what, I think as mothers, when we see another mom in a situation like that, the last thing we should do is judge.

Anywho, after grabbing what we needed we decided to go see how much snow was still around Fummee Lake.

It was so nice.

We ended our day with picking her daughter up, surprising my in-laws with Chinese we got for them, then heading home.

How was your weekend?