Day 1 of the write Everyday challenge

I told my followers I would try to write everyday. Well I’m going to make it a challenge, because y’all seem to like me for some reason? 😉

You are going to be in for a mess of topics, n what not for me to write everyday.

I really hope I don’t bore you, and you join me on this. I’ll also be using my own raw unedited cheap phone photography for the headings.

For those of you who are new I should or you in on what to expect.

I don’t have internet just cellphone data, everything is written on my little adroid.

I normally write when I have a moment, I am a busy women. This means I don’t edit things well, and somtimes I go back and edit things late.

Paragraphs are usually in the order they come pooring out of me, so sometimes I may seem like a jumbled mess, but that just it, I am. I’m not hima or perfect. I am what I am, the jumbled mess.

I like to save money, if I find a way I usually share for other cheap asses who would care.

I also share a lot of fast recipes for the lazy cooks.

The Outdoor Redhead means.. I am a redhead who is out a lot, hunting, fishing,walking,taking pictures,road riding, working, etc.

My little keeps me busy so I will sometimes share things about the whole moming thing.

I’m crazy..if you don’t hsee a redhead in your life I thought id clue you in on that bit, so you will get a whole lot of feeling filled crazinese.

Poetry and thought, yeah I write that stuff.

So here goes day 1 of writing, let’s see how far we go in a year.

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