Day 13: Political thought

Honestly, I’m sick of a lot that has happened. There is a line being crossed.Yeah I believe some of the things Trump has done needed to be done, but not as far as he has taken them.Yes he is still the President and for that I will have a amount of respectBut I’m sick of it.. take down your titles of what party you’re apart of and actually listen to what is coming out of these politicians mouths and what they are actually doing.And the up coming candidates… I see no promise in them. If they could stop acting like children and actually talk about real issues instead of focusing on each other that would be great.We need a change,less drama, and “he said she said” crap. We need more action in taking care of what is going on.Adults should not be acting like high schoolers. Instead grow up.Let’s take care ofOur homeless. Why do we allow our people to live on the streets, yet tear down available empty buildings? Throw away clothes? Throw away money on useless objects?Our families going without food. Do you know how hard food and are fighting to keep food going out to those in need? And don’t judge because.Yes they have jobs, yes they are hard workers, yes they NEED help.Our borders WITHOUT harming and separating families..I’m sorry, but yes it needs to be taken care of, but this is 2019 we can be more civil.Our schools that can’t even afford books. The kids are forced to use old out of dated technology that will not help them in the real world, the teachere are working beyond hours where they are even getting paid just to teach more than one subject to a rang of ages.Our jobs that are going right back to why unions was created in the first place. With low pay that doesnt keep up with economical prices,long hours, and crap benefits that take half pay checks to cover anyway.There is more going on that our energy can be focused on besides spending our resources on something because “I don’t like them”.Grow up, you want to end bullying?Stop being bullies.You want change? Be the changeYou want something done? Go do itBecause our leaders seem to be to busy throwing hissy fits and arguing. Making decisions only to poke the bear they want to annoy.They shouldn’t be using each other to buy our votes. They should be showing us how they will help our country. Grow our country.We don’t need this ” he did this and it was mean, so I’ll do this.” Just shut up.. you sound like me at age 9 going to my mother justifying why my sister and I was pinching each other and saying nasty things.Do I think I could do a better job? I don’t know.But I do know I can keep my mouth shut.As child my parents taught me actions speak louder than words.That words have the power to either give life or take one so I better choose them wisely.That giving soup to a friend who is sick is better than just saying “get well.”.That giving money to the poor is better than ignoring them and buying a shirt to add to the 20 I have.As a child I knew these basic things.. and yet I see grown adult standing in front of the nation taking someone’s illness and making it a joke to gain votes…I’m sick of it. I no longer want to hear it. Shut up and start doing something.

Day 12: Don’t forget the other half

You know I see this picture above and think wow.

It is beautiful in a way and does bring awareness.

But then there are the comments that are posted with this picture…

And it makess me think there should be one for dad’s too.

Just thinking of my husband I can see a lawnmower, vehicle up keep, house repairs, demands of a job, house work, volunteer responsibilities, snow plow, chasing a toddler, wood, helping parents etc

I think that yes women have a load, but you shouldn’t be so selfish that you forget the other half.

My husband carries just as much as I do.

Men are human too. They need gratitude too. They need recognition.

And as we press forward for EQUAL rights, we need to make sure they are in fact equal.

Do you see how one sided things have become.

Cheer on mom’s sand dad’s.

Make sure we are leaning on each other and not against each other pushing one down..only to not help them back up.

Day 10: Beautiful Soul

Oh beautiful soulDon’t you see how much you are lovedDon’t you see there is more up aboveOh beautiful soulDon’t you know you are previously, carefully made.Don’t you know there is more than this maze.Oh beautiful soulDon’t you see the then good emotional gameDon’t you see that there is things you can help tameOh beautiful soulDon’t you know the world had a beautiful beginningDon’t you see in the end there will be mending.Oh beautiful soulDon’t you see that there is more than just youDon’t you see you can help spread the light and give someone else a clueOh beautiful soulDon’t you feel the light that is ment to shine with in youDon’t you see that you can help the harsh one in the blueOh beautiful soulDon’t you see that there is more to storyDon’t you see you just need to hold on to the gloryOh beautiful soul,Know you are beautiful and there is so much to live for in this world at war. Please know it to your very core.

Day 7: Love Each Other

Love each other and a stranger.

Love each other be slow to anger.

Love each other when the days are tough, when the roof is leaking.

Love each other with words you’re speaking.

Love each other like you’re afraid too.

Love each other even those few.

Love each other in the dusk and in the dawn.

Love each other without the arrow drawn.

Love each other, love every colour.

Love each other like a infants mother.

Love each other and their differences.

Love each other without defences.

Love each other with an passion that is rare to see.

For loving each other is the key.

Day 6: Easy Italian Cubed Steak

You get a recipe from me today, I hope you enjoy. This took me about 30 minutes to throw together.

You will need a package of 6 cubed steaks.

3 eggs in bowl.

“just beat it” like Micheal Jackson

Half a cup of panco bread crums with dash of Italian seasonings that you like basil,parsley, paprika are some I used

Tomatoe sauce that you like

And an Italian blend of shredded cheese

You will also need a griddle styled pan that is oven safe with some olive oil ready and sizzling on the stove and your oven set at 350°F.

Take and brush your steaks with the egg then dip them in your bread crums, put them on the griddle as you go.

Cook and flip until both sides of the steaks are browned and crispy

Throw in the oven and cook for 15 mintutes.

Check they are done

Add a table spoon of the sauce on top with cheese, throw it back in the oven until the cheese is melted

And there you go, a yummy Italian spin on cubed steak

If you try this recipe, let me know how you like it!

Day 5: Choose life, what does that mean? I’m already living.

Choose life, what does that mean? I’m already living.

It means..

When you wake up in the morning, get up even when you dont want too.

When you have a bad day, have a positive thought and try to smile again.

When you have the choice to do something kind for someone else, do it.

When you have the chance to sit at home, go see your family.

When you have you’re kids and husband in front of you, put down your phone ask them about their day. And actively listen.

When you have the moment, say thank you.

When you have a goal, work toward it.

When you have someone one hugging you, squeeze tight.

When you have beauty in front of you,soak it in.

When you choose life, choose what is good, choose what will make this world better, kinder, and full of light,love, and happiness.

Live your life good

Live your life happy

Live your life with value

Now it’s your turn. Fill in the blank

When you have __________ , __________.