Day 13: Political thought

Honestly, I’m sick of a lot that has happened. There is a line being crossed.Yeah I believe some of the things Trump has done needed to be done, but not as far as he has taken them.Yes he is still the President and for that I will have a amount of respectBut I’m sick of it.. take down your titles of what party you’re apart of and actually listen to what is coming out of these politicians mouths and what they are actually doing.And the up coming candidates… I see no promise in them. If they could stop acting like children and actually talk about real issues instead of focusing on each other that would be great.We need a change,less drama, and “he said she said” crap. We need more action in taking care of what is going on.Adults should not be acting like high schoolers. Instead grow up.Let’s take care ofOur homeless. Why do we allow our people to live on the streets, yet tear down available empty buildings? Throw away clothes? Throw away money on useless objects?Our families going without food. Do you know how hard food and are fighting to keep food going out to those in need? And don’t judge because.Yes they have jobs, yes they are hard workers, yes they NEED help.Our borders WITHOUT harming and separating families..I’m sorry, but yes it needs to be taken care of, but this is 2019 we can be more civil.Our schools that can’t even afford books. The kids are forced to use old out of dated technology that will not help them in the real world, the teachere are working beyond hours where they are even getting paid just to teach more than one subject to a rang of ages.Our jobs that are going right back to why unions was created in the first place. With low pay that doesnt keep up with economical prices,long hours, and crap benefits that take half pay checks to cover anyway.There is more going on that our energy can be focused on besides spending our resources on something because “I don’t like them”.Grow up, you want to end bullying?Stop being bullies.You want change? Be the changeYou want something done? Go do itBecause our leaders seem to be to busy throwing hissy fits and arguing. Making decisions only to poke the bear they want to annoy.They shouldn’t be using each other to buy our votes. They should be showing us how they will help our country. Grow our country.We don’t need this ” he did this and it was mean, so I’ll do this.” Just shut up.. you sound like me at age 9 going to my mother justifying why my sister and I was pinching each other and saying nasty things.Do I think I could do a better job? I don’t know.But I do know I can keep my mouth shut.As child my parents taught me actions speak louder than words.That words have the power to either give life or take one so I better choose them wisely.That giving soup to a friend who is sick is better than just saying “get well.”.That giving money to the poor is better than ignoring them and buying a shirt to add to the 20 I have.As a child I knew these basic things.. and yet I see grown adult standing in front of the nation taking someone’s illness and making it a joke to gain votes…I’m sick of it. I no longer want to hear it. Shut up and start doing something.

Day 12: Don’t forget the other half

You know I see this picture above and think wow.

It is beautiful in a way and does bring awareness.

But then there are the comments that are posted with this picture…

And it makess me think there should be one for dad’s too.

Just thinking of my husband I can see a lawnmower, vehicle up keep, house repairs, demands of a job, house work, volunteer responsibilities, snow plow, chasing a toddler, wood, helping parents etc

I think that yes women have a load, but you shouldn’t be so selfish that you forget the other half.

My husband carries just as much as I do.

Men are human too. They need gratitude too. They need recognition.

And as we press forward for EQUAL rights, we need to make sure they are in fact equal.

Do you see how one sided things have become.

Cheer on mom’s sand dad’s.

Make sure we are leaning on each other and not against each other pushing one down..only to not help them back up.

Bless you Babies

Bless you babies and the love you bring.

Lift your weeping head and close your eyes, listen to the song birds sing to each other the song of life.

Lessons of love and kindness are all around. You have the right to wear the crown.

The crown of happiness is not far to find, just look up and praise the maker if the sun and sky.

Bless you babies and the love you bring.

Breath in the air and let it caress the miracle string in which you sing. Realize you are the reason for someone smiling.

Gather up all that is good and make for yourself a new pair of glasses. People are ugly, but what you may see in the world is what leaves many in awe.

Bless you babies and the love you bring

Go sit in the sunshine and feel the hug of the sun and the kiss of the breeze.

Mountains are hard to climb, but remember big things are meant to be conquered.

Feeling small is a strength of humility you own and others lack. Shine bright with that fact.

Bless you babies and the love you bring.

Open your eyes and watch the dandelion dance in the wind. Small is the seed that travels so far and plants it’s beauty in the yard of many. Some mistake it as weed. While others recognize the strength of the healer.

Bless you babies and love you bring.

I hope know how loved you are. I know right now things are hard. I want the pain you feel to be taken.

Stranger you may be, but my heart and arms are wide open with nothing that is meant to harm you.

I want you to know how perfect you are. Please don’t take life for granted. Bless you babies and the life you bring.

A Seed Can Start So Much More

Memories of gardening with a little bit of meaning

The start of this year’s vegetable garden. ❀🌢🌢🌢 Has me thinking…

I’m so blessed to have grown up in a family that taught me to grow and preserve my own food.

From the womb I have been in a garden just about every summer of my life… Literally my mother will tell you about sitting in a lawn chair gardening while pregnant with me, haha

The memories I have in the garden are just amazing…

My dad and Grandpa would call up our long time family friend and neighbor Mr. Goss.

He would come over with his tractor and plow. Tilling up the field that sat surrounded by cow pastures.

I would watch him wanting a ride on that tractor so bad. Ever so often my momma would send me or my sister out to give him a glass of water. The sun was hot.

-Momma still wouldn’t allow us in shorts until it was above 75Β°. She was set on raising us to be ladies, little southern bells, just like all southern momma’s. –

Daddy usually used this opportunity to tell us to get out there and start picking rocks from the tilled garden. There was always rock, a never ending dreadful supply.

After we go out there in, well our sandles looking to get yelled at to put some real shoes on, hoe the rows and drop seeds.

Momma and Daddy would allow for us to pick a couple of flowers we liked to put at the head of the garden, I remember one year I chose sunflowers. I was so proud of those suckers.

My sisters and I would play Pocahontas run through the corn.

One year walking around the garden I had a deer come up behind me, and chased me all over the tarnation. It had everyone coming over to see what I was screaming about.

By the end of the season my mom and great aunt- even my grandmother when we went over Helen mountain to visit, had me and my sisters helping snapping,popping,stringing,and canning to supply the family with a winter supply every summer…

We would sneak a handful of green beans to play tea party with.. and I tell you another favorite. When the corn 🌽 was ready, my parents would allow us to go out and grab an ear off the stock to throw in the microwave to have with dinner, oh it is the best!

These memories are just a handful that make my heart smile and my soul feel at home.

Some have treated me like I’m just a stupid hick others have wondered if I was just a city person putting on, and a handful have asked me to teach them what I was brought up doing.

I know what have is a treasure.

This knowledge I have and the way I live is me carrying on a tradition that has been just a way of life for my beloved family over hundreds of years.

The memories like the ones I spouted off in no particular order are ones I hope to leave my daughter with.

My grandfather, he may be gone, and the garden is just a grass field now. All those memories though, I have of the summers in and by the garden, is the best I’ve got left of him and some of the best days of my life.

That’s something I know my daughter is getting with her grandparents. And I hope the tradition carries on and doesn’t get lost.

Because planting that seed, is just so much more.

Fashion Side Of Me

Y’all know I am all about that hunting life, but I’m still a women, a women who has a love for fashion. And I just have to say….

I LOVE these outfits from The Pink Buffalo Boutique !

I love how they just look like the most comfy and cozy outfits, yet are still perfect for a Thanksgiving gathering.😍😍😘

You can get these at:

Anyways, I guess you want to know why I am mentioning this. Besides the obvious advertising… (btw I really do love the clothes I share with you,wouldn’t lie to y’all )

Back in the days of old…haha.. just kidding

But when I was younger, before life happened, I had a real passion for fashion. Really, I still do.

I use to have friends and family come to me wanting me to put together and outfit for them.

I use to sit in my room for hours and sew up the ideas that would come to me.

I use to spend hours indulging in fashion.


I would like to share this with you guys if there is enough interest?

I’m leaving it to y’all though. Would you like to see inside the secret closet of The Outdoor Redhead?

Would you like me to help you with clothes you already have?

Would you like me to show you how I do this intensively?

I’m sick Poem

Many of you know,I no longer practice the Jewish religion, but recent events in Pittsburgh still stings my heart. I’ve been crying over it.

Friends have been lost because of all this useless hate we have in the world. I wish so much, I could take it all away.

Growing up as Jew I suffered a lot of antisemitism in all shapes and sizes.

My sister and I one day was walking to the perk to get a donut in the orthodox Jewish community in Milwaukee WI. Out of no where shots was fired at us along with harsh words. We were okay, but frightened. We ran back to our house and told our parents what had happened. I was 10.

This was the first time I had ever been hit in the face with how someone could be so cruel, just because I was not 100% like them.

After this many other things occurred, over,and over again.

My out was writing my feelings all in poetry.
This poem was written in frustration and pain that had all built up at the age of 19. I just wanted to share it with you.

Click link below for poem:

#standagainsthate #loveoneanother #Istandagainstantisemism #loveyourneighbor #poem #inmemoryofthosewehavelost

You Can Live On A Lot Less

Sitting in the living room of my Great Aunt Edna had me at peace in the middle of the emotional roller coaster I had been on.

It was familiar, I spent so much time doing the exact same things I was watching my daughter do. Everything had changed, but nothing had changed.

My favorite scent of wet paper towel and wood smoke with the hint of just pure cleaness still lingered. The recliner I had fought to sit in so many times still sat in it’s same ole’ spot.

It was my second home in a way. I guess many others in my family and, well anyone who had ever been to my Aunts had the same feelings when they stepped in her door way.

That is just my Aunt Edna, she always makes you feel warm,welcomed,and loved.

I admire her in so many ways and sitting in that living room with her was worth more than any gold or rubbies.

This visit had a lot of meaning though. I could tell my Aunt had a lot to say to me.

“You can live on a lot less Tashanna.” She says to me kind of out of the blue.

“Oh I know Aunt Edna I don’t have a lot of things people say they need…”

I say continuing to tell her about how I don’t have anything but antenna for TV or internet like most young folks and I budget everything.

She shakes her head

” No, what I mean shanny is… ” Shanny has always been a nick name only belonging to myself and my cousin Shannon.

She continued to tell me this story.

There was some folks that lived in a shack. They grew up working for everything they had. Dusk to dawn. They didn’t know what money really was.

They lived in a little shack, they’re counter was made of old vanilla waffer boxes and plaster. And that is what they had for a kitchen counters.

They had a refrigerator, but they didn’t have electricity, or know that they needed to plug it in. My cousin brought them canned biscuits one day and she just sat them on the counter.

The lady told my cousin when she came back they just went “poof”. That’s how little they knew about the modern-day world.

My cousin visited them up until they passed away, she was good and befriended them . A young person would have thought them to be strange. But they were happy, and they were normal, just hadn’t known anything outside of that they grew up doing to get by.

“That’s what I mean by people can live with less than what they think. My Aunt finished saying.

I finally got what my Aunt was telling me.

I needed to humble myself and would be happier if I stopped chasing material things and just loved what God had blessed me with.