I Jumped In With YouTube & Started a Business During The Pandemic. AM I NUTS?

Hey guys,

Long time no talk. And I am SORRY. I thought I would update you on life a little bit.

So here goes…


March I was certified as a Personal Trainer through the ISSA. YUP, I am done with school. Or I was until I decided I need to be certified as a nutrition coach too, graduation goal date is August 8th,Matts birthday.


Well anyways, with that I jumped right into finding work and through networking I landed a job with this cool company. Kanthaka, they are switching things up so that you can train with a trainer virtually. Anyways, if you are interested in a job or being a client use the code UJ2GKM to earn $10 off your first session (if a client) and let them know I sent you. šŸ™‚

I also decided that since I am jumping into this anyway I should start my own side gigg and work for myself as a trainer, you can find out more about that through my Facebook pageĀ The Outdoor Redhead.

And then I felt inspired. I felt inspired by youtubers, one being my cousin. I thought..why not try and do youtube with a cheap little android phone. So I did.

You can take a look atĀ  my channelĀ The Outdoor Redhead

I have vlogged and have about five video’s up now. I hope you guys enjoy them.

I can’t help but wondering if I am a little nuts for trying this during a pandemic though? Do you think I am? Oh well, at least it will keep me busy beyond the business of being a outdoor momma.

Until next time,

The Outdoor Redhead

šŸŒ±Garden Prep

Yesterday I spent a beautiful day prepping two of my gardens.

I used this opportunity to make a YouTube video.

Click YouTube to watch

Boy was it a learning experience.

I need to learn more about different editing techniques, among other things.

It was fun though and I look forward to doing more.

Menu For The Month Of January + What This New Year Brings

Hey there folks,

I have new plans for this blog.

One of the things I am going to be doing is posting my monthly menue. I hope this will maybe help some out with that question we all hate

” What’s for supper?” which leads to a ” what do you want.” and ends with a ” I don’t know.”

You know what I’m talking about. We have all had this happen to us. and it is annoying.

Anyhow, Here is my menu ^ up there. It isn’t written on anything fancy and I hope to change that for you soon. For now, there it from scratch.

Recipes come from

Fixate Cook Book

Healthy Cooking For Your Kids

Youtuber Brianna K

And Pinterest

The unlabeled ones are going to be just your basic thrown together recipes that I dont have written down.

Now, for the explination of whats to come.

We know I’m unorganized as all get out, and that is something I am working on this year. My word is Productivity.

I am going to bring you guys on my journey as a mother, a student, and a outdoor enthusiast.

Noticed I said student?

Yes, I am working on my certifications in personal training and nutrition in hopes to be adding ” Health Coach” to my resume in August.

I hope you guys enjoy this new content. I sure enjoy seeing your comments and encouragment.

BTW. You can catch more of me by following me on IG theoutdoorred_shanna or on Facebook The Outdoor Readhead

Thanks yall.

Leave in the comments what your new years goals are. If you’re new to my blog please introduce yourself! Also, be sure to hit follow.

When the wind blows

This isn’t going to be any good, but I will have to make it up to you.

Two trees fell in high winds we found when coming home from a weekend at camp.

The one barely scrapped the house.

The other one uprooted just behind it.

What’s funny is, I have been telling my husband that first tree needed to be cut, that it was going to fall in the house.

As expected he argued it wouldn’t and let it go.

THIS is why you should hear your spouse out ladies and gents.

Oh well, at least the house is alright.

Beautiful Soul

Oh beautiful soul.

Don’t you see how much you are loved?

Don’t you see there is more up above?

Oh beautiful soul.

Don’t you know you are previously, carefully made?

Don’t you know there is more than this maze?

Oh beautiful soul.

Don’t you see thegood emotional gain?

Don’t you see that there is things you can help tame?

Oh beautiful soul

Don’t you know the world had a beautiful beginning?

Don’t you see in the end there will be mending?

Oh beautiful soul

Don’t you see that there is more than just you?

Don’t you see you can help spread the light and give someone else a clue?

Oh beautiful soul

Don’t you feel the light that is ment to shine with in you?

Don’t you see that you can help the harsh one in the blue?

Oh beautiful soul

Don’t you see that there is more to your story?

Don’t you see you just need to hold on to the glory?

Oh beautiful soul,Know you are beautiful and there is so much to live for in this world at war. Please know it to your very core.

A Women who is “Old Fashion”

I just don’t understand, women are standing up for women’s rights, yet mocking a women for being modest and staying home.

I don’t wear revealing clothes, I never have. I remember in middle school some girls walking behind me making fun of how many undershirts I had on under a shirt, covering my cleavage.

I didn’t understand it. Why was it their problem? I never said a word about their clothes.

Now as an adult I see grown people doing the same thing those girls did in to me in school. On the news, for all to see.

Hasn’t the world become so revealing that it should be nice to keep somethings, special?

I’ve seen women showing off their beautiful skin because “it’s my body.”

Sweet, good for you. It’s your life.

I don’t wear revealing clothes, because it is MY body. It’s all mine.

I don’t want anyone else seeing it, besides my husband. It’s like a piece of candy that I kept secret from my sisters, just so I can enjoy it.

Why do I have to show off my body to stand up for women’s rights?

It’s mine.

It’s not a trap I’ve fallen into because my ancestors started something.

I have my own brain to think with, that’s what you preach right?

And I think this gift of a body God has given my soul while I’m here on earth is valued.

My body is a treasure that I don’t want anyone else seeing.

Yup, I’m a believer in modesty.

Secrets keep the mind intrigued and wanting after all right?

Why would I want to let you know all that there is.

Social media is already so revealing of my feelings, parties I attend, my family life, etc.

I don’t need to show off my body.

I also believe if I want to keep a house and have a meal on the table for my husband, who works SO hard for our family… that’s our business.

But since mocking families like ours is a thing too let me just tell you.

No it’s not the 1940’s, but there is still a such thing as showing someone you love them and their time they spend away working hard is valued.

Our marriage is a team effort. I handle some things , he handles others. He helps me and I help him.Together we make our house a home.

Yes I stay at home, because WE decided to have a child and she is OUR child to raise, not the responsibility of others.

Not the teacher, the day care worker, Grandma, Nanna, Auntie, Uncle. No it’s the parents job.

Not to mention, look at the wages offered and the cost of childcare. They put families in debt.

So, why is it the smart thing for both parents to go earn a paycheck only to give all of it to childcare, plus a percentage of the others check?

Hmmm, is a women like me really “old fashion” or is it just a bother that we don’t fit your mold.

Stop judging. Families/ other women do what they have to for THEIR family, and it’s none of your business, it really isn’t.

Cheer on decency, it’s a beautiful thing this world needs more of.

Cheer on working hard.

Cheer on working together.

Cheer them on.

Love Each Other

Love each other and a stranger.

Love each other be slow to anger.

Love each other when the days are tough, when the roof is leaking.

Love each other with words you’re speaking.

Love each other like you’re afraid too.

Love each other even those few.

Love each other in the dusk and in the dawn.

Love each other without the arrow drawn.

Love each other, love every colour.

Love each other like a infants mother.

Love each other and their differences.

Love each other without defences.

Love each other with an passion that is rare to see.

For loving each other is the key.

It’s fall

We are going out to our camp today. We have no real service out there, it’s a way we unplug and reconnect with each other.

I only have a quick moment. So here goes my gibberish.

Sun rays hitting the lake with a glimmering light.Breath in and feel the cool hair hit your lungs.

It’s fall.

My little girl is running around, her red hair catching the sun in a way that makes her glow like an angel.

Hot drinks and warm comfort foods hugging us with the love that went into making them.

It’s fall.

Orange vest on with a breeze curessing our skin, gun in hand ready to shoot a meal.

Leaves dancing, twirling, and changinfinot beautiful colors in their last days.

It’s fall.

Curling up with a blanket and a book that may lull us into a different world.

Smells of wood smoke and coffee, pumkin and apple, creating warming memories

It’s fall.

It’s fall and everyone better enjoy it.

Take it all in.

Sit in the quiet a feel all that’s around.

Become friends with God again.

Have a long deep conversation with your loved ones.

Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Find your peace of mind.

Read a heart felt letter, book, poem.

Do something kind for a stranger

Sit around a campfire, think of your blessings

Make these days count and make them worth something, before the excuse of winter and the bitter cold comes in.

There it is. Just thoughts..of fall

What’s On My Mind And Heart Today? My Papaw

A lot of you don’t know why I’ve been so quiet. It’s because I’ve lost to many in a year. And I feel lost without those close relationships. One of the closest jut happened…

September 8th my mom called me while I was at work. I didn’t answer of course, my boss pays me to work at work.

I had my grandpa on my mind. Maybe I should have him come in for a meal, at least I would know he would eat…I didn’t text him.

Later on a customer bought a left over Turkey tag.

“Hey, I thought, I’ll buy one too and then I can go snag Papaw and take him on a ride with me.” And I did.

I got off of work that evening and called my mom back.

“Have you heard from Papaw?” She asked

“No, I am going to be going there tomorrow.” I had plans to take him out and get some of his shopping needs taken care of.

“Can you check on him? He hasn’t been answering my calls it goes straight to voice mail.”

So I drove over to his house, walked in and found my Papaw on the floor.

Thinking he had fell I rushed over ready to make a joke about it and help him up.

When I touched his shoulder it was cold, then I noticed his blue color.

My papaw was one of my best friends. He always showed up. I don’t get much company, my Papaw was my company.

People just don’t visit. My papaw did.

He was the one I walked to about hunting, my confusions, our family, old times, good old shows, the weather, just about anything.

With papaw you didn’t expect any drama to come from anything you said to him.

He always showed up. To my cheerleading events, my tonsils being taken, when I had my baby girl, birthday parties if I had them.

My grandfather on my Dad’s side died last year. Around the same time of year, my Papaw as soon as I got home, came asking “Are you alright girl?”.

Papaw is the one who introduced me to my live of the outdoors. He would always take us fishing, then take to get a big banana split. Nancy town, in Georgia was one of our regular spot to go to.

I miss him, it’s so hard. I’ve not been in the mood to go hunt really, I just think, if I do get something..who will I tell that would actually care and be proud?

My papaw has always cheered me on, just a month ago when I told him I was going for my Personal Trainer certification, he said “Don’t forget about me when you become a millionar.”

I won’t ever forget my Papaw.

I planted tomatoes for him, he loved tomatoes. I took and ripped those plants up, no point in growing somethimy no one else would eat. They was for my papaw. The last time I saw him in person I took him a bag,he had a hard time eating them, but he was happy.

He would set his mind to something and just do it. He would say “It’s all in your head.” “Mind of matter, if you dont mind it don’t matter.”

If someone needed something, he would just do it, if he could.

If he wanted something, he would do it, so he gained his Masters degree.

I don’t know, I just want to get in the car and go visit him.

My mom asked me to write his obituary, I wrote a little something at the end.
Tall and gruff the big bear seemed, but he was as gentle as can be. A big man with eyes filled with wonder and joy. He made the world smile and the leaves waved good bye, as he walked towards a new adventure filled with an everlasting love.

The leaves waved good bye…

The 7th is when they suspect my Papaw passing.

I was out at camp with my husband, I didn’t feel right and I couldn’t tell you why. My husband’s noticed and asked.

I remember looking at a maple tree it’s leaves had turned red and was shaking in the wind, that line popped up in my head..what I was going to use it for I didn’t know, until..my momma asked me to write his obituary.

Because of the feeling I had that day, and the thoughts I had that Sunday at work, and the feelings I felt the moment I found him.

I have no doubt my God is real, angels are real, and my Papaw still looks down on me from heaven.

I just wish I could hug him. And listen to him fuss at me for dying my hair, bacause I know he would.

So, depressing it may be, all that’s on my mind is my Papaw. No one wants me to talk about him because it depressed them.

I just want to share his life with others, he isn’t forgotten.

He taught me and others around him so much. And made so many laugh.

I hope you remember when someone is sharing something about a loved one that’s no longer here, listen and soak in that story.

That story is how their memory isn’t forgotten. No one wants to be forgotten.

A How To do Food Plots

Okay so, I dont get into all this “test your soil ” crap for gardening or food plots.

Let me just tell you our step by step and you can decide for yourself if you want to spend unessecary money on tests.

Step one:

clear or find a clear part of your property.We cleared a couple of spots on our families shared camp property using a backhoe and grader.Obviously make sure you have traffic , as in deer coming around, in these areas.

Step 2:

Till up the soil and throw out any rocks that are in the way

Step 3:

throw out some lime to neutalize the soil and fertilizer ( the cheap stuff dude, don’t buy a name)

Step 4:

throw out your choice of seed.

Step 5:

let it grow and set out some cameras to see what nature comes around and be smart don’t shoot until your legal.The end

Obviously it’s work for aome fun for others. ( Im others)As for your soil pay attention to your surroundings. What grows? What doesn’t grow? Is their a lot of pine trees…because if there is I’ll bet your soil is acidic and you’ll have a time growing anything….Etc.

But once you get one started you should only have to do steps 2-5 each year.