I Jumped In With YouTube & Started a Business During The Pandemic. AM I NUTS?

Hey guys,

Long time no talk. And I am SORRY. I thought I would update you on life a little bit.

So here goes…


March I was certified as a Personal Trainer through the ISSA. YUP, I am done with school. Or I was until I decided I need to be certified as a nutrition coach too, graduation goal date is August 8th,Matts birthday.


Well anyways, with that I jumped right into finding work and through networking I landed a job with this cool company. Kanthaka, they are switching things up so that you can train with a trainer virtually. Anyways, if you are interested in a job or being a client use the code UJ2GKM to earn $10 off your first session (if a client) and let them know I sent you. šŸ™‚

I also decided that since I am jumping into this anyway I should start my own side gigg and work for myself as a trainer, you can find out more about that through my Facebook pageĀ The Outdoor Redhead.

And then I felt inspired. I felt inspired by youtubers, one being my cousin. I thought..why not try and do youtube with a cheap little android phone. So I did.

You can take a look atĀ  my channelĀ The Outdoor Redhead

I have vlogged and have about five video’s up now. I hope you guys enjoy them.

I can’t help but wondering if I am a little nuts for trying this during a pandemic though? Do you think I am? Oh well, at least it will keep me busy beyond the business of being a outdoor momma.

Until next time,

The Outdoor Redhead

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