Day 4: Success, Life, Happiness.

Anyone else just feel a peace come over them when they are outside in nature? I do.

I am a girl who has to have her trees, grass, hills mountains, and woods. My country life is what I like.

When we lived in Israel I remember feeling like my throat was closing up. We lived in Tiberius and there was concrete and rock everywhere. The only thing to do was shop or see the light show that I watch so many times it was memorized .

The country life style we have here in the United States is something special.

Everything slows down and you enjoy life.

I know, some wouldn’t agree.

I told my cousin today, “Don’t worry about other people, we all have our ideas of of success and happiness.”

Many of the people I graduated with chose to move to the cities, they followed the money.

I don’t blame them, we live in the Upper Peninsula where making a living is accepting a job at only $14 an hour starting at highest unless you’ve become a doctor or RN.

Many jobs are at the minimum wage mark.

Not to mention if you live here, you work after work. Some, like us, gather wood the moment spring comes until snow starts flying again. Then in the winter, you anc yoyr plow, snow bloower, and shovel become best friends. Yoopers are hard working people.

It takes a lot to live here.

But, love it. It’s my peace. Nature is all around. My home has been made here,roots are starting. I may not have a high paying job in the city, I don’t want it. My success and happiness is my family and the life I’m living.

Are you enjoying my year challenge so far?

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