Fitness Coach

Today I started my journey as a fitness coach. It has been something I have been pondering for about two years now. So I took a leap.

I’m not doing it for the money, just to genuinely help people. Because that is one thing I absolutely do love doing.

I am someone who works out everyday. I have always had a love for fitness and eating healthy.

I really fell in love with it in middle school when I joined my schools Cross Country team. I had the best coach, a coach they should write a movie about he was made such a difference in so many lives.

From him I learned so much. One thing being is to never give up and always reach out and help.

I hope I can do as much as my old Coach did for me, if not more for my customer.

If you are interested in please come join my group and take The Cardio Core Challenge W/ The Outdoor Redhead. First time is Free.

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