Oh Man It’s Monday

🎶Monday, oh Monday…why do you have to be here?

So it is Monday y’all and it sure is showing itself off today.

I was so excited to take my daughter out yesterday evening. The brown grass that had been hiding all winter was showing itself. The sun was shining. And it was warm.

Not today buddy. I can see snow flurries outside and the grass is covered back up with a blanket of snow.

Anywho, I thought I might tell you what we did this weekend.

Saturday we went shopping. Its the end of the season and everyone has their spring sales going.

So, so figured I’d just go into town and see if I could find me some jeans. My husband wanted to tag along, so we loaded into our little Chevy colbot “work” car and went.

Before I go on I feel I should explain, we live 45 minutes + from town and that town is small. Also, I’m all for shopping local before looking online.

First stop was at Walmart. I looked, he looked… no jeans in my size. I settled for one pair of those jegging things i hate and we bought our daughter new shoes she needed and left.

Second stop was Tractor Supply. This is a store that is just no good for my husband and I to go into…

One conversation with a random stranger from Arkansas, a look at the baby chicks and ducklings, a peep at the gardening supplies, another look at the chicks and ducklings, a walk all over the store to find my husband looking a a gun safe, and two shirts later… still no jeans.

Third stop was at Shopko. Lord a mercy they had Jeans, but they looked like they had been used to play tug a war with a lion.. we bought a universal remote and left.

Walking out the door I looked at my husband and said ” Can we go to St. Vinnies?” He huffed and drove me over there.

I went into that thrift store and walked out with 3 pairs of jeans, not warn, not holy, and not stained. Good enough for me.

We went home cooked and cleaned

Then we ended our Saturday with the weekly visit at my in-laws house with our Aunt and Uncle.

Sunday Morning I woke up to my husband hammering.

So I got up, put on some workout clothes. Got our daughter up, made her breakfast and got her dressed.

I did an hour workout. Oh man did it feel good.

Then I cleaned a bit, had some coffee.

Later it was so warm all of us headed outside.

I just slipped a coat and gloves on Casidy – my daughter.

Matt, my husband, grabbed his new lights to install on the truck.

Oh that fresh air was nice.

Afterwards we decided to take a break from the house and ride on the back roads and get “lost”. You know its spring when the roads are just covered with deer.

We enjoyed out ride, but had to come home and eat. I made loaded nachos.

After dinner I helped my husband cut and put insulation in our basement..time flew by and it was bedtime for miss Casidy.

Matt and I ended our night with cuddling up with on the couch and watching”Gone in 60 seconds.”

So, there is our weekend. Pretty simple.

What did you do?

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