The Beginning

Today I decided, I’m going to write and just be me. I also, worked out on my new stride stepper. Those along with one other thing was the highlight of my day.

Just like any other mom who primarily stays home and takes care of the baby, I cleaned, I cooked, and I cleaned again -not that  you can tell by the looks of my great room currently.

My baby girl has a cold, so there was also a lot of cuddling going on today.

That’s just mom life for you though. It’s like life sometimes is on auto play along with your thoughts…, but that was my day in a nut shell.


I’ve got something on my mind that is of great importance. Why the hell isn’t there more women hunting magazines in the U.S. ?! When I do have down time it would be nice to have a little reading material to study up on for next deer season damn it.

Someone needs to get on this.


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