A Little Bird Hunting Story

Im sitting here looking out our front window cussing the snow that’s gently coming down.

I have spring fever. I want to get out to my blind and clean it up.  Deer season is on my mind.

I know, fall is still a ways off, which is why I’m also sitting her contemplating on taking up turkey hunting, or joining the Republic predators hunt – that could be over with.

Hunting is this my escape. And I’m needing my escape.

It’s my escape from worries, the world, and crying babies.

It’s my time to have my calm. My one on one with God.  Which leads me to a random story that totally contradicts the ”calm” I was telling you about.

I remember the time I went for a walk in the woods for the last time before becoming a mother.  It was bird season.

It was a comfortable day, the sun was shining just after a nice rain. I’d came in to the camp yard, just getting off work. I grabbed my gun and my vest from the cabin and took off into the woods.

I didn’t think a second thought about going out bird hunting that day.

As I was walking I came up on a bird, ready with my gun, I aimed and…. nothing. I forgot to put a shell in the damn thing. Frustrated at myself I put my shell in the chamber and closed it up.

Started walking again.. I heard something that sounded like I was being followed.

I stopped, listened.. silence. Nope must be hearing things, I thought.

So I kept on walking and all be darned if I didn’t hear something walking again.

So I stopped, listened. Again there was nothing but silence.

But hey! Look down the trail a bit there is a bird. So, I picked my gun up and ‘ bang!”

Something big takes off running through the woods, I miss the bird, and there it goes flying.

A little shaken I refilled my chamber, picked up pace and headed back to the cabin.

I don’t know what was following me. I sure am glad I didn’t have to find out.


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