I am Tashanna Trudell. Everyone just calls me Shanna. I am the owner/creator of The Outdoor Redhead.

The Outdoor Redhead blog was established in 2018. I still am keeping it a lifestyle typed blog, but in addition to that the Outdoor Redhead will be growing.

The future of The Outdoor Redhead is traveling down a healthy road to contribute a little more to this world. Soon I hope to be obtaining a Personal trainer and nutrition certification through the ISSA who is internationally recognized and respected.

Health related services and content will then be added.

Now, enough of that, if you dont know who I am and are new let me introduce myself.

I am a simple woman. I am not perfect or the type to “keep up with the joneses”.

I am a wife, mother, and student of this life just as many of you are.

I want to share a little bit of life through my eyes with you, along with how I try to get by in my day to day life.

If you are a down to earth lover of the outdoors or just the simple things in life, then this is for you.

I hope you can feel at home when you read my little experiences. Please feel free to comment and interact.
You can find me on IG theoutdoorred_shanna and Facebook